You might learn thrilling, exciting, fascinating facts and predictions about your future. The notorious fortune telling icon Aladdin tells you fascinating things about your future.

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He guessed my upcoming promotion!

I got palm reading and results were shocking. I haven’t heard of this guy Aladddin the Fortune Teller before my friend suggested that to me. I sent a pic of my palm and the reading was shocking they guessed my promotion I got!

Super fast

I tried many other astrology services online, they usually take up to a day. This one was super fast! I got my reading in hours and they guessed most about my relationship right. Definitely recommend it!

You are amazing Aladdin!

You are amazing, insightful and special astologer Aladdin! When I was going through my reading, I almost cried because it was a spiritual experience and I can easily say you changed my perspective.


Palm reading was simply amazing, then I purchased astrology reading, it was a little short than my expectation but it was still quite an experience.

The notorious Aladdin the Fortune Teller is now online!

Okay, so what?

Now you can upload a picture of your palm and receive your palm reading in hours. The best thing about palm reading is, it is FREE. In addition, Aladdin the Fortune Teller provides Astrology reading which takes one day, however it more thorough and complete. If you like Turkish coffee, Aladdin the Fortune Teller offers a Turkish Coffee reading. How? It is easy, you just upload the bottom of the turkish coffee cup and upload on the site. Just like the palm reading, you will receive your reading in a matter of hours.

In addition, Aladdin the Fortune Teller offers news articles every week, and you can find the informative papers all about astrology, fortune telling and horoscopes here.

What Makes Aladdin the Fortune Teller Special?

Aladdin the Fortune Teller has been doing palm reading for famous artists and politicians for ages, however, with the new world restrictions, he and his supportive team switched to online, so you and many others who want to know more about their future, love and financial life, can benefit from this beautiful service.

There are more than 1000 people who got their readings online and the numbers are growing. If you don't want to spend money on Astrology reading which is more comprehensive and accurate, you can always try the palm reading and Turkish coffee reading for FREE. If you try and enjoy one of the services, you can leave a love comment on our social media or testimonial here.