7 Steps to Palm Reading

Have you ever wondered what a Palm Reader might discern in the map etched on the palms of your hands? The 7 Stepts to Palm Reading is your ultimate guide.

The human hand contains a wealth of information so palm reading have become extremely popular.

A talented palm reading fortune teller can have even the most sceptical critic turned around after one accurate reading.

Using the shape of the lines in your palm, a reader can see the patterns that your life may follow. Moreover, it can predict aspects of your life including your love life, career, finances, children and more.

No two palms are the same, as no two lives are the same either. If you look closely at your palm right now, you will be amazed by all the different lines and cracks.

In addition, This intricate map is a wonderful guide for an experienced palm reader.

The amazing structure of a human palm. This is what palm readers use as a bible as to practice
The amazing structure of a human palm. This is what palm readers use as a bible as to practice

Can a palm reading help your love life?

A palm reading can definitely help your love life. And it can give you strength to end an unhappy relationship. Or courage to get over the pain of a lost one or hope for happiness around the next corner.

Furthermore, it teaches you to open your heart and mind to new possibilities for love. So it gives guidance if you have been falling in love with the wrong people.

Palm reading is something that takes learning and study, as well as a natural talent. Thus, it can’t be trusted to just anybody. On the other hand, have you ever wondered what a Palm Reader might discern in the map etched on the palms of your hands?

Now might just be a good time to find out.

The Origin of Palm Reading

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, chiromancy, or chirology, is the practice of fortune-telling through the pseudoscience study of the palm.

The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations and those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. There are slangs for the profession as well however, if you ask me the coolest is fortune-teller.

 The contradictions between different interpretations, as well as the lack of evidence for palmistry’s predictions, have caused palmistry to be viewed as a pseudoscience by academics

GUIDE TO READ PALM (Express Palmistry Course 101)

There are of five main lines on the palm in Chinese palmistry: the love line, fate linelife line, wisdom line, and marriage line. Regardless, different lines tell of different parts of life. The first impression of the palm (given by the five major lines which we discussed previously, could tell you the general information.

Now stretch your palm and let’s read it line-by-line! Don’t panic, just relax and trust Aladdin.

1. Love Line – the Longer the Better

The love line is the line stretching across the hand directly under the fingers and the love line reflects feelings, reactions, and emotional control in the area of love. In addition the longer and straighter it is the better.


  • If the love line is short and straight, he/she has little interest in expressing love or romance.
  • If the love line is long, he/she will probably be a good lover or sweet, understanding, and romantic.

Where it starts:

  • If the love line starts from the index finger, we can predict a happy love experience.
  • ” it starts from the middle finger, it means the person usually thinks more of themself than their beloved.
  • ” the love line starts between middle finger and ring finger, he/she will easily fall in love and emotinally unstable.


  • If the love line has a big rise and fall, he/she will probably fall in love with several people and this is not a bad thing. But don’t get me wrong!
  • Secondly, if there are one or more circles on the love line it indicates he/she is not happy himself /herself or with his/her current love life.
  • Lastly if the love line is divided into several sections, we can predict his/her love life will be unpleasant. However, don’t get desperate! Maybe we are wrong.

Relating to Other Major Lines:

  • When the love line crosses the life line it shows one is fragile mentally.
  • If the love line is straight and is parallel with the wisdom line, it means he/she can control his/her emotions well. You are doing good girl! go ahead.
Full palm reading guide with lines and their meanings
Full palm reading guide with lines and their meanings

2. Fate Line

The fate line is the line that stretches from the wrist to the middle finger and it reflects one’s fortune and career.


  • If the fate line looks clear and straight, he/she usually doesn’t do much to change his/her life. Life is stable. He/she may believe life or the future is determined from birth. Damn I wish I had your determination!
  • Some people’s fate line is divided into two or more sections. It means he/she will probably change jobs frequently or his/her life/career will have big changes and we hope the changes are positive. Don’t forget tho, if you can’t wait to get your palm read, Aladdin is here for you!

Relating to other major lines:

  • If the fate line and the life line start from the same point, that person is usually ambitious and has strong self-confidence.
  • Secondly, if the fate line meets the life line on the way, thus, it means one will give up his/her own benefits to support others.
  • If the fate line ends on meeting the wisdom line, it means he/she might stop working based on his/her own wishes.

3. Life Line – the Longer the Better

The life line is the line that extends around the thumb. It is usually in an arc. The length of the life line has no relationship with how long one could live. It reflects one’s health and physical vitality.


  • If the life line has a big radius and it looks clear, it means one is energetic and vital. The longer the better.
  • If there is more than one life line, it shows one is greatly full of life.
  • If the life line has a small radius and is near to the thumb, he/she easily gets tired and exhausted.


  • If the start of the life line (near the thumb web) is broken, he/she is usually sickly during childhood.
  • If the end of the life line (near the wrist) looks frayed, he/she should pay much attention to health problems when getting old.


  • If the life line is short and unclear one is usually not assertive and easily gets influenced by other person.
  • If there is a circle (like an island) in the line, he/she might get hurt physically or be in hospital. The size of the circle reflects the seriousness of the illness/injury.
  • If the line is long but cut somewhere, it means there might be sudden misfortune.

Relating to other major lines:

  • If the life line looks straight and like cutting the palm, he/she should pay much attention to their love life. He/she will get hurt more than others.

4. Wisdom Line – the Clearer, the Longer, the Better

The wisdom line usually starts between the index finger and thumb (below the love line) and then stretches to the other side of the palm. It usually looks like it’s dividing the palm in halves and reflects a person’s mentality and personality.


  • The clearness, thinness, and length of the wisdom line reflect mental concentration and cleverness. The greater the former the better the latter.
  • A big arc of the wisdom line tells that he/she is rich in creativity.


  • If there is a circle on the wisdom line, he/she has a comparatively bad memory and easily gets disturbed by others.
  • You don’t usually come across this but if the wisdom line is cut into two (or more), one is emotionally fragile.
  • However, if the wisdom line wavers, he/she usually doesn’t focus on anything for long.

Relating to other major lines:

  • If the wisdom line and life line are parallel from the wrist, he/she is brave and usually very outgoing.
  • When the wisdom line departs from the life line under the third finger, he/she is introverted and careful. He/she is usually strict and steadfast in his/her work.
  • If the wisdom line and the life line part ways (aren’t parallel) in the middle of the palm, he/she usually thinks too much and finds it hard to make a decision.

5. Marriage Line

The marriage line is a short line above the love line starting immediately under the little finger. It reflects one’s romantic relationships and marriage.

Some people have only one line in this place while some have several lines. The number of lines doesn’t mean anything. Just read the clearest one.

Number of marriage lines:

  • If there are two equally clear marriage lines, he/she needs to be careful of a love triangle.
  • If there are several marriage lines without a main one, his/her marriage life might not be enjoyable.


  • If the marriage line stretches as far as between the little finger and ring finger and he/she has high requirements when choosing a spouse.
  • If the marriage line stretches to the ring finger, it predicts that his/her spouse’s family is rich and friendly.
  • However, stretching further than the third finger is not a good thing. On the other hand, reputation and fortune might be affected by the marriage.


  • If the marriage line splits in two under the little finger, he/she should pay attention to love management, as the couple might leave each other.
  • In addition, if the marriage line veers up and it predicts one has little interest in getting married.

7 Minor Palm Lines (not the 5 major lines) in Palmistry

1. Sun Line

The Sun Line is a straight line extending down from the ring finger, usually parallel to the fate line. It pertains to fame and glory.

Number of sun lines:

  • If there are two sun lines together, it predicts one will get renown.
  • If there are several sun lines, one will get disturbed easily.


  • Any circles or crosses in the sun line are not good for reputation.

2. Health Line (illness line) – No Health Line Means Good Health

A health line is a line stretching down from the little finger to the life line. Having a health line is not a good thing as it indicates health problems.

  • No health line means good health.


  • If the health line is divided into several parts, be careful of gastric indigestion.
  • If it looks like a chain, pay attention to respiratory diseases.
  • Circles at the beginning of the health line mean throat problems.

3. Creativity Lines

If there are two crossing lines just below the juncture between the little finger and ring finger, called creativity lines, he/she is good at literary writing or drawing.

  • If there are creativity lines, he/she will be particularly suited to choosing writing/illustration-related jobs.

4. Fortune Lines

Fortune lines are found in the thumb segment of the palm (inside the life line)

  • More fortunes lines mean more wealth.

5. Popularity Lines

Popularity lines are a crossing lines extending from the little finger edge of the upper palm (between the love line and wisdom line).

  • Clearness of popularity lines means one is popular.

6. Crossed Lines

Crossed lines are lines crossing in the center of the palm between the love line and wisdom line, showing he/she will be interested in philosophy, metaphysics, and religion.

  • If there are crossed lines, he/she should consider doing research into philosophy or religion.

7. Dispute Lines

Normally most people have a few crossing lines at the foot of the index finger. These are dispute lines.

Number of dispute lines:

  • If there are more than four dispute lines, he/she should be careful of slander.
  • However, if there are more than seven dispute lines, he/she might get involved in lawsuit, especially if the little finger is shorter than two thirds of the ring finger.
  • On the other hand, if there are no dispute lines. Congratulations: there is little chance for slander!


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