Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling 101

Poeple have practiced Turkish coffee fortune telling for centuries. And has become the most popular version of fortune telling in middle east.

It is practiced by coming up with predictions from the future by looking at the coffee stains in the person’s finished turkish coffee cup.

Turkish coffee fortune telling has been executed both by experienced mystic fortune tellers. Also by people who just want to spend time and entertain their friends.

What Makes Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling So Special?

Yet, the most distinguishing feature of Turkish coffee is neither in the cooking nor in the boiling.

Turkish coffee is unique because it allows your people to tell clues about your future. This custom of coffee cup reading is at least as old as Turkish coffee itself. And it process repeats with each and every cup consumed.

In other words, you don’t have to be a Turkish Coffee fortune teller to read a cup. Everyone with great mystical world view can do it.

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A cup holder is pouring turkish coffee.

While this can be done casually among friends, it is also possible to consult professionals. So how one can read a coffee cup, how can shapes trapped in a tiny cup reveal the future?

Firstly, a person should only drink the coffee from one side of the cup. When the person finishes the coffee, the coffee drinker must make a wish.

With the saucer still covering the top, the person who drinks the coffee holds the cup at chest level and turned counter-clockwise a few times. This is the key to perform a turkish coffee fortune telling.

Following this, the person must turn the cup upside down onto the saucer, and left to cool. Sometimes the person can place coin on top.

When the coffee cup is cool enough, someone other that the person who drunk the coffee opens the cup. Later starts interpreting the shapes for divination.

Turkish coffee fortune telling is a widespread and popular fortune telling method. Which speaks of both the past and the future.

For divination purposes, person considers the coffee cup in two horizontal halves. The shapes in the lower half talk of the past, whereas shapes in the top half talk of the future.

People interpret the shapes that feature on the right side positively. However, shapes on the left as bad events, enemies, illnesses, troubles, and the like.

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a family is sipping turkish coffee at the same time

According to another belief, the coffee cup can tell the past but it can only foretell forty days into the future. Hence the practice of coffee cup reading cannot interpret the future that lies beyond forty days.

In addition, if, at the reading stage, the cup and the saucer are sticking to each other And if the person is having trouble separating them, it people believe that saucer should not read this particular cup.

This is a case of “prophet’s fortune telling,” where people believe that the person who has drunk from the cup is lucky, and does not need to have their fortune read.

Similarly if a large chunk of coffee grounds should fall to the saucer.

As the person seperates the cup, the interpretation is that the owner of the cup will soon get rid of sadness and troubles.

According to another standard interpretation, if coffee drips onto the saucer as the person opens the cup, the person will shread tears.

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling (Turkish Coffee Reading) is done as shown in the picture. Ultimate guide to Turkish Coffee Reading
Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling (Turkish Coffee Reading) is done as shown in the picture. Ultimate guide to Turkish Coffee Reading

Gosh! That’s a Lot Of Work

Now you might be thinking “Gosh! That’s a lot of stuff to know about.” However, this makes turkish coffee fortune telling so exciting.

After the interpretation of the shapes within the cup. It is time to interpret the shapes in the saucer, where the majority of the coffee grounds have dripped.

The saucer generally interprets as the home of the person whose cup the saucer is reading.. Later, peron gives clues about their domestic life.

If there are large blank areas on the saucer where the coffee has not touched, the interpretation is a sense of relief that will be experienced in the person’s home.

A contemporary picture of a turkish coffee sitting on a desk with a photograph
A contemporary picture of a turkish coffee

If the shapes on the saucer is disordered. Readers interpret as a mean that there will be a funeral or illness-related crowd in this person’s house.

During the reading, the reader holds the saucer straight and waits for coffee grounds and coffee to flow. At the end of the reading, individual flips the saucer over once.

At this stage, if a drop of coffee manages to get behind. And half way into the saucer’s radius,people take it as a sign that the wish made will come true.

Another important consideration while reading someone’s coffee cup is not to say things emotional.

Whether it happens spontaneously after a meal, or delivered by a professional, the ritual is same. It is having one’s coffee cup read is a widespread divination practice characteristic to Turkish coffee.

Today, in Turkey, the number of coffeehouses which employ professional coffee cup readers is on the increase. Hence you enjoy a fine cup of Turkish coffee, and get mystical glimpses into your future.

The History of Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

The origins of turkish coffee fortune telling stem from the ancient Chinese art of tealeaves reading practised for centuries. Originally by monks who ceremonially drank tea in bell shaped cups.

Before that, human believed that monks used to read patterns formed on the internal part of bells in temples, so the handle-less teacup was a logical progression.

People later adapted to coffee grounds reading from Arabs who first discovered coffee beans around 600 AD and managed to keep coffee as a secret. Having a monopoly on cultivating and drinking coffee for several hundred years.

Coffee made its way and became known or used as a beverage in Western Europe and the Americas, only in the late 18th century.

Romani Gypsies that are claimed to practiced coffee fortune telling.

Tasseomancy follows the trade routes of tea and coffee and practiced by Romani Gypsies.

Western tasseography kinks to medieval European fortune tellers who developed their readings from splatters of wax, lead, and other molten substances.

Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England have produced a number of practitioners and authors on the subject.

And English potteries have crafted many elaborate tea cup sets specially designed and decorated to aid in fortune-telling.

Cultures of the Middle East that practice divination in this fashion usually use left-over coffee grounds from Turkish coffee/Lebanese coffee turned over onto a plate.

However, today, people knıw it as Turkish coffee reading due to the common practice more often than any other place in the word.

Thus, people consider this practice as turkish coffee fortune telling world-wide.

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