Capricorn is a master of discipline. The wringing of the hands, the constant reminders, the exacting structure, the ever-increasing goals, the tidal wave of self-criticism that lasts forever. They are the ultimate perfectionist.

They can be so absorbed in their own internal monologue that it becomes impossible to get them to look away from themselves. Capricorns are often called “workaholics.”

They are incredibly pragmatic. They are rule followers with a highly developed moral compass. From a young age it is impressed upon them that their whole sense of worth and meaning is based on their ability to hunker down and force their way to the finish. This turns them into achievement junkies. Their drive to succeed is a reflection of their fear of failure.

The most stressful time in a Capricorn’s life is when they question their own authority. When a Capricorn is in a position of power, they are most stable. When they’re put in a position where they have to cater to someone else’s agenda, they can become a little unhinged.

capricorn characteristics

Capricorns collect responsibility. And they always seem to take it all on. Capricorns need to be the one to fix everything. Responsibility is their natural state. They have a “can do” attitude. 

Love Life of a Capricorn

Capricorns don’t fall in love easily. It often takes some effort. Love is about making a proper emotional investment.

Love life of a capricorn

They don’t like feeling emotionally dependent on anyone else so they often keep their distance. They can be awkward around romance. They can be awkward around expressing their feelings. It takes them a while to understand what their feelings are. Their romantic exploits are almost platonic partnerships.

They might not express their affections overtly, but Capricorns are quite sentimental. They value family, tradition, and stability. They want to take life seriously. They want to build something real.

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