Libra Compatibility

Libra compatibility presents you the zodiac signs that you are most likely to get along with Libra. Also some other horoscopes you might not get along with. Either way, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy reading.

For the Libra person, establishing a relationship is almost like breathing, because through relationships they get to know himself and achieves wholeness.

Therefore, when a relationship ends, it is possible to immediately start a new relationship and neglect the relationship with themselves.

Aesthetic values, balance, harmony and reconciliation will be at the forefront in their relations.

Libra Compatibility with Gemini and Aquarius

It is possible for Libras to satisfy their need for communication and socialization in their relations with Gemini and Aquarius people who are from the air group like them.

Greath matches: libra compatibility with leo and sagittarius
Greath matches: libra compatibility with leo and sagittarius

Libra Compatibility with Leo and Sagittarius

In their relations with Leo and Sagittarius people from the Fire group, they can achieve the popularity, dynamism, excitement and enthusiasm they desire.

Libra Compatibility with Aries

In their relationship with the Aries person, although they feel complete, they may sometimes face empathy problems.

There is a mismatch between the Aries person’s need for independence and autonomy, and the Libra’s need for co-operation and commitment.

However, it will be beneficial for the Aries person to learn to express their wishes and needs more clearly and directly.

Bad matches!
Bad matches!

Libra Compatibility with Pisces and Scorpio

In relations with Pisces and Scorpio people from the water group, crises and disharmony will come into play.

These people have excessive emotional depth, passions and jealousy, etc. It will disturb the Libra person. Because the Libra person, although relationship-oriented, has a rational structure. And it doesn’t have extreme emotional depth

Libra Compatibility with Cancer

In the relationship with the Cancer person, there will be serious emotional stress, power struggles and conflicts. This can be one of the worst matches, therefore, I would not suggest pursuing a long term relationship with a Cancer.

Libra Compatibility with Virgo and Taurus

Libra & Earth Group

In relations with Virgo and Taurus people from the Earth group, disharmony, monotony and lack of empathy will be at play.

libra compatibility
libra compatibility

Libra Compatibility with Capricorn

In his relationship with the Capricorn, on the other hand, they can achieve the long, permanent and stable union they desires, although there are conflicts and power struggles.


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