Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius compatibility with other horoscopes are revealed by Aladdin the Fortune Teller. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready.

The Sagittarius people want to explore the world, broaden their horizons and make sense of their existence through their relationship. Therefore, they prefer a partner with whom they can develop, travel, share common values ​​and philosophy of life.

They will be uncomfortable with the monotony of the relationship, the repetition of themselves and the confinement of them to a small world.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Libra and Aquarius

Sagittarius Compatibility with Libra and Aquarius
Sagittarius Compatibility with Libra and Aquarius

In relations with Libra and Aquarius people from the air group, Sagittarius will achieve harmony in the context of socializing together, traveling and communicating.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Gemini

In his relationship with the Gemini person, though he feels complete, he will sometimes face empathy issues.

The philosophical and soft knowledge-oriented attitude of the Sagittarius person and the concrete and information-oriented attitude of the Gemini sign are incompatible. May find Gemini person superficial and obsessive. However, they can learn to be more realistic and take an acceptable amount of risk from a Gemini person.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Scorpio and Cancer

In relationships with Cancer and Scorpio people from the water group, disharmony and lack of empathy may occur.

Because the search for emotional depth and the introverted nature of these people do not coincide with the excitement seeking and extrovert nature of the Sagittarius person.

Sagittarius and bad matches
Sagittarius and bad matches

Sagittarius Compatibility with Pisces


In the relationship with the Pisces person, power struggles and conflicts may come into play. Pisces will find Sagittarius person dependent and overly passive.

Sagittarius Compatibility with Taurus and Capricorn

In relations with Taurus and Capricorn people from the earth group, crises and monotony may come into play.

These people’s need for consistency and stability is incompatible with the Sagittarius person’s pursuit of excitement.

Sagittarius and compatibility with other horoscopes
Sagittarius and compatibility with other horoscopes

Sagittarius Compatibility with Virgo

Conflicts may arise in the relationship with the Virgo person because they have different ambitions in life. A Virgo person is totally focused on their goals, while Sagittarius people might be driven by the emotions coming from the relationships. Therefore, the conficts of interests may arise.

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