Scorpio is passionate and assertive with determination and focus you rarely see in other zodiac signs. They will turn to in-depth research to reach the truth behind anything they find important.

Great leaders and guides, Scorpios are resourceful, dedicated and fearless when there is challenge to be overcome. They will hold on to other people’s secrets, even when they aren’t very fond of them to begin with and do anything they can for those they tie themselves to.

This is a Water sign, just as Cancer and Pisces, and its representatives have to experience, express and face emotions. Always fighting dishonesty of any kind, they have to learn not to manipulate or turn people to look their way by methods that aren’t straightforward and clean.

These inner tendencies sometimes make them distrustful and jealous, suspicion leading them to strange behavioral patterns they have to unveil.


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The rulers of Scorpio are Pluto and Mars, one of them being the planet of transformation and regeneration, and the other pushing them forwards and providing them with enough initiative to build their lives energetic and strong.

These individuals are known for being calm and cool, looking mysterious and hard to figure out. There is a deep understanding of the rules of the Universe inside every Scorpio that gives them the power others rush through life rarely recognizing within.

Scorpio – the Deadly Warrior Sent by the goddess to kill someone, this is a sign in search for their pray. Fearless and unstoppable, when they have a cause to fight for, they will do it relentlessly and without paying attention to possible karmic or other consequences.

With deep self-awareness they discover ways to go around their deepest, darkest motives, and shove their talents under the rug along with their dark desires. They need to set free from taboos and restrictions, discovering freedom to scream and fight for their beliefs in order to find peace and happiness.

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Scorpio’s Love Life

Scorpio is the sign of sexuality and ultimate physically-emotional bonding with other people. Its representatives are extremely passionate, in constant search for absolute intimacy and love that will fill their entire lives with surrender, pleasure, and unity.

Their partners have to be intelligent, practical, and honest, and compatibility of Scorpio with other signs depends greatly on their individual ability to embrace shadows within. Once they fall in love, they tend to be dedicated and faithful, and sometimes obsessive, possessive and overwhelming as well.

Being extremely sensitive even when they don’t admit this to the world, they will choose partners carefully and need a lot of time to build trust and respect with anyone.

This isn’t a sign that lacks initiative, and since their sex life is of great importance to them, they might find themselves in casual one-night stands and relationships that don’t satisfy their emotional needs.

However, this won’t make them happy for long and they won’t settle for this way of life for very long. Once their adventurous and curious nature finds a bit of peace with age, they will learn that without emotion, sexual experience serves no purpose at all.


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