2021 Zodiac Signs

Aries 2021 (Lets Start with the Good Ol’ Aries for 2021 Horoscopes)

What your zodiac signs says about you in 2021?

Welcome to a new year, Aries! Looking at 2021 horoscopes we gotta say the Ram has plenty to look forward to on this great adventure in 2021.

On a personal level, there are many twists and turns for your ambitious sign to conquer.

There is a ton of firepower sparkling through the skies, especially after your personal planet Mars kept those irons hot and tested you through a great deal during 2020’s long yet passionate retrograde phase.

A quick recap of the timing on this: Your home planet entered shadow on July 25 at 15 degrees, stationing retrograde on September 9 at 28 degrees; then the god of war stationed direct on November 13 at 15 degrees.

And is finally clearing shadow to start this brand new year on January 2 at 28 degrees!

This is a moment of truth for really taking action on those important lessons that put you through your paces in 2020. It was as if you were going through some sort of rite of passage!

You were often faced with feelings of anger and rage on a very intimate level.

Like most Aries, you worked within multiple layers of emotional realms including feelings of inadequacy and decisions about what battles you actually needed to fight.

A major crossroads now brings you into a more aligned point of independence.

From here, it will be far easier to stand up for what you want, what you believe in, and what you actually feel most driven toward accomplishing on a daily basis.

For most Rams, that means you have to be the bigger person in many arguments, and become more structured in your method of approach in all aspects of your life.

You might have to decide between your own needs and what others are trying to get you to do. The most important piece of advice this year is to always bet on yourself at the end of the day!

Let’s Wrap It Up

All in all, this year is looking great for the passionate sign of Aries!

It’s imperative that you take extremely good care of yourself, as the major aspect of Saturn in Aquarius in square to Uranus in Taurus will ignite rebellion in your zones of material wealth and friendships.

You might get more by getting along than by going out alone. Discover how much others really adore you—including on a romantic level!

Ask yourself what you really want in your relationships, because someone is totally out there for single Aries, you just need to open your eyes!

For those already in relationships, this is the perfect “make it or break it” kind of year. Saturn asks you to find freedom within your commitments.

Those couples able to handle this can power through anything!

Taurus 2021

Astrology might come down to this zodiac sign: Taurus!

Your sign has so much to look forward to in 2021. You’ve been going through some fabulous changes for so long that now is your time to absolutely shine and live your best life.

Regarding the other 2021 horoscopes, your sign has been strong and steady even as the world rocked and rolled through last year’s intense great conjunction cycles occurring between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

A quick recap of this alignment in Capricorn: conjunctions between Saturn and Pluto (January 12); Jupiter and Saturn (April 4, June 30, November 12).

In addition, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (December 21).

The world went through so much intensity in 2020, yet your earthy sign rode it out. Your famous “never give up attitude” sets you apart from the crowd!

In fact, you’re probably entering this year with far more determination than ever. This is the good news for your among other 2021 horoscopes.

Yes, there’s still so much to do in all realms of your life, but you’re the successful Bull who’s always ready to hold your ground and wait, and your defiance is astounding.

Taurus 2021 (What your zodiac sign says about you?)

This should be a fantastic year for your ambitious sign of the Bull.

Plenty of dynamic events will influence you on all levels of personal life, love, and career wins.

You’re the shining star of the show thanks to Uranus’ continual transit through your sign, beginning in 2018 and destined to sparkle through your first house of personal appearance until 2025!

This year is defined by the major square aspect between Uranus through Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius.

This allows interplay and sudden societal adjustments that can change your life—and also make you feel extremely vulnerable.

Pushing through to the other side is what it’s all about.

You’ll feel more spiritually connected to your community and recognized for your innate talents.

Saturn’s role in your life right now is taking you to a more public level which may bring sudden fame in certain capacities.

Either way, you’re invited to step into a wider sense of authority and remain grounded through the process.

Venus’ transit through the zodiac this year is all about love and appreciation.

Prepare for your home planet to enter a retrograde phase in the fellow earth sign of Capricorn at the end of the year.

Also and expect cosmic rewards if you follow your true calling, and stay true to your most authentic self.

Gemini 2021 (Aka king of zodiac signs)

Gemini 2021

 Your sign of the Twins is going into 2021 with a fresh outlook and plenty of brilliant moments.

The year opens with your home planet entering the electric sign of Aquarius on January 8, adding to these luminescent energies.

Your aura is on point, and all who come in contact with you recognize your glow. Among other 2021 horoscopes, you have the most glowing energy!

There will be plenty of sudden and fated events directly affecting you in a positive way.

You’ll feel more aligned and present than ever, especially as the nodes of fate cycle directly through your sign.

You might be the center of attention as others look to you for words of encouragement through some magically fantastic events that directly involve your wonderful self!

If you feel the need to make a change and are ready to jump into your destiny, buckle up and enjoy the ride. You’ve got a ton going for you in 2021!

Last year’s great conjunctions with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn were quite heavy on everyone—especially you, because 2020 was extremely tough on your personal eighth house of psychological realms.

Many Gemini went through a deep period of depression or some kind of major loss.

Even with your dual nature, remaining optimistic could have been tough on you if you were going through several crossroads at once.

These specific conjunctions in 2020 took place between Saturn and Pluto (January 12), Jupiter and Saturn (April 4, June 30, and November 12); and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (December 21), all of which determined last year’s energetic fates for the whole world.

It wasn’t an easy process to cycle through, and really weeded out the strong from the weak.

You were tested beyond your limits so that you could get to the other side of the storm.

Your air sign is meant to take these lessons forward through your strong ability to communicate. Many Twins might even have changed professions and overall life tracks.

What a year you have ahead of you, Gemini!

There is nothing you can’t do or accomplish.

Even with some snags that you’ll hit during the Mercury retrograde phases, you’ll learn so much in such a short amount of time.

Many Twins may find themselves completely switching it up in general. Maybe you’re relocating for a job or new living situation that soothes your soul.

Following and trusting your intuitive hunches will be exactly the right move!

The upcoming eclipse cycles hold some extremely destined circumstances where everything seems to fall into alignment.

However, this can also require you to let go of something that no longer serves your lifestyle.

Cancer 2021 (Aka the most exploring amongst 2021 horoscopes)

Cancer 2021

You’re going to experience some massive movement in areas of your life that once felt locked into place.

Your sign went through some incredible transitions in 2020 thanks to some very pointed oppositions between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

These major power players met in the sky throughout the year digging at your core and bringing you undeniable experiences that completely shifted your frame of mind during 2020.

As most of these alignments took place in your seventh house of Capricorn, some asked to see life through partnerships.

And you might have created or enriched many connections as a result, whether personal, romantic, or business.

Saturn’s transit between the sign of the Goat and the eccentric sign of Aquarius gave you an idea of what this year is meant to teach you in regards to releasing karma and reclaiming your own sense of authority.

The dates of these momentous 2020 conjunctions included: Saturn and Pluto (January 12), Jupiter and Saturn (April 4, June 30, and November 12), and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (December 21).

To review the nature of this energy, take a look back at old notebooks, emails, calendars, and life situations just to get an idea of the overall theme that was happening for you in order to go forward with a cleansing outlook on what 2021 really wants to bring out in you.

All in all, this is going to be quite a fruitful year for you Cancer!

Cancer 2021 (Aka clever cookie amongst all horoscopes)

You’re diving and trekking into areas of life that will focus you on your own intellectual needs.

You may feel and be more independent than others around you, expecting proper boundaries in all relationships.

Focusing on family is one of the most important things for your sign, but with the challenge of Saturn in Aquarius transiting through your eighth house, this can actually create more emotional distance.

You’ll feel more inclined to set out on your own, exploring the world through your own means.

Your romantic adventures will take a more circuitous route that has you contemplating love on all levels.

This fundamental and philosophical approach can challenge even your long-term connections.

Single Cancers could meet several significant people, especially around 2021’s eclipse cycles (May 26, June 10, November 19, and December 4), which shift around the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius.

There will be a very important Venus retrograde transit at the end of the year, which will both challenge and enlighten you to what you need on all levels.

This lesson of your karma will ask you to get your affairs in order in relationships and finances.

Leo 2021

Leo 2021 (Take notes Leo, this might be your stepping stone in 2021)

Prepare for a pivotal year in your life, Leo, as the planets above are shifting your path forever. As a leo, this year year will be your magical year regardin 2021 horoscopes.

While 2020 posed many collective challenges, we will see the next stage in our global evolution take place in the year ahead.

All Leos will have plenty of reason to celebrate throughout 2021—both in love and career.

Peer into what the stars predict for your year ahead! 2021 horoscopes will work in favor of leo.

At the end of 2020, two powerful planets moved across the sky from you and will remain there predominantly throughout all of 2021.

Saturn—the taskmaster planet that rules life lessons and always forces you to grow stronger—will stand directly across the sky from you until 2023.

This Saturn opposition represents a significant turning point in any person’s life.

On one hand, it may signal that many Leos will have a harder time pursuing their personal goals and plans at this time, as Saturn will stand as an obstacle in your path.

This opposition often manifests as a time when everything that you wish for becomes harder to attain as authority figures, bosses, or partners are at odds with you and will clash often and inconveniently.

Leos will look at 2021 as a time when they required to become much clearer about what they wanted and how they wished to get it.

With such lovely cosmic alignments encouraging personal growth and happiness, you’ll need to temper the blessings as you face the obstacles that are sure to also manifest as well.

This is because the Universe wants to help all Leos grow and become stronger than ever before.

This year begins a life chapter about perseverance—one where karma proves that you’re steel forged through fire.

Focus and grit will be necessary!

Challenges will redirect you, and any relationships that fade will push you to understand what kinds of unions actually fulfill you and what kinds were just holding you back.

Virgo 2021 (Aka the most sensitive horoscope in 2021)

Virgo 2021 (Luckiest amongst 2021 Horospoces)

Welcome to 2021, Virgo, a year that will shift the path before your feet. Don’t panic, it will be positive like other 2021 horoscopes.

You’ll experience a great deal of growth as you assess where you are now and where you still wish to go.

The year ahead will be filled with opportunities for personal growth, health, happiness, love, friendships, and success, so expect to be quite busy!

While there may be some challenges, there will still be blessings. Peer into what the stars predict for your year ahead!

While work, career, and continuous ascension toward your ambitions will likely take the main focus of your year, significant attention will be directed toward physical health and family relations.

Let’s dive into the evolution of each! Get ready virgos, this is your turn considering 2021 horoscopes.

Virgos will look at 2021 as a pivotal year for career growth and expansion.

Because you’re not afraid of hard work or a busy calendar, you’ll fare well during this next phase of your evolution.

2021 Horoscopes(Virgo)

Make detailed lists of what you seek to achieve this year, and make a point of keeping a close eye on your schedule.

Above all, despite the temptations of doing everything all the time, don’t let yourself burn out by taking on more than you can handle.

Prioritizing your personal health and making time for pleasure will be immensely important to prevent yourself from becoming consumed by the many responsibilities and tasks on the job.

Yet, because of the magnificent blessings of Jupiter, many Virgos will also cross paths with soul mate connections this year.

Or perhaps begin taking steps closer together with the one who’s already at their side.

Family matters will also consume your thoughts this year. However, once this shades in 2021, it will fade and allow you to find more stability going forward.

No matter what, Virgo, embrace the challenges ahead with strength, and know that you’re worthy of happiness, health, and love.

Libra 2021

Libra 2021

You’ll be popular as ever on NYE 2020, and ready to take on 2021 in style!

While your friends and family may be struggling with their balance and personal affairs, you’ll be cool and collected like always.

You may also find that your relationship advice is in high demand around the first and second of January. So don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on such matters.

As the holiday season begins to wind down, find time to connect with siblings. Or childhood friends around January 9 and 10.

By sharing your New Year’s resolutions with said company, you can reconnect with your ambition and drive to make positive changes this time around the sun.

February kicks off with the moon in your sign, sweet Libra. And you’ll be asked to look at your own personal balance.

You may need to take the first two days of the month to consider your personal and professional obligations. And finding a way to support both (without running yourself into the ground).

On the ninth, you may need to set some boundaries, take time for yourself at home.

Also possibly do a house cleansing to shake off any unwanted energy you may have acquired recently.

Watch out for unexpected conflict on February 24! When the Leo moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius, and be extra cautious not to offend any of your acquaintances.

This year, especially once the second half starts, you should have a better handle on what your financial security looks like.In addition, in turn, will be equipped to make decisions around money.

All of the financial work you’ve done this year will start paying off. Setting you up to take on 2022! 2021 Horoscope analysis is doing you a favor ha?!

Scorpio 2021 (AKA People Person of 2021 Horoscopes)

What your zodiac sign says about you? Let’s find out.

You’ve been waiting for the right time to make some changes, dear Scorpion, and the stars align in 2021 to do just that.

The New Year breaks with the sun, Mercury, and Pluto all in Capricorn. While illuminating the sector of your chart that rules thought process and communication.

You’ll be ready to take on a new way of thinking, and to communicate these shifts to others. So we can say you are a very people person compared to other 2021 horoscopes.

This will also be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or area of study. So consider enrolling in an online class or beginning a new project.

The energy here can also help you set new boundaries where you need to create space with certain people. So take a step back from toxic or overbearing relationships.

The beginning of the year will bring more focus to your home life as a parade of planets move through Aquarius while illuminating the part of your chart that governs the home.

Since Aquarius energy is notoriously unpredictable, you may find an unexpected need to move or a sudden urge to redecorate.

Try not to fight this energy, as these changes will be necessary for your personal evolution.

Luckily, Scorpios are masters at adaptation, and a little bit of change should be embraced as a good thing.

This will be your year to shine, and it would be a shame to let self-doubt muck things up.

Don’t be afraid of asserting yourself and putting extra effort behind developing friendships with your colleagues.

But work won’t be the only thing driving you in 2021. Which promises to be a steamy year for love as well.

However, since Scorpios are natural empaths. So, take extra steps to protect yourself against narcissists who may drain your energy

Sagittarius 2021

Sagittarius 2021

The beginning of the year will bring unique new ideas to the forefront of your mind. Due to Saturn and Jupiter take center stage in the sign of Aquarius.

Regarding 2021 horoscopes you might be the sole zodiac to start new businesses.

These planetary placements will spark fresh thoughts around philosophical concepts such as manifestation, luck, karma, and responsibility.

This energy hits you on a cerebral level, creating a thirst for information that will leave you wanting to carve out a new path toward knowledge.

Horoscopes 2021 (Sagittarius)

This would be the perfect time to begin pursuing some form of higher learning (even through a solitary hobby).

It will be important to create a schedule around how you’ll expand your mind, as Saturn appreciates structures.

You may also find yourself planning a vacation during this time, because you’ll be more than ready for the adventure!

2021 is sure to bring you a big dose of personal evolution and perhaps even brilliance. Though this may not always come about in a gentle way.

Since your planetary ruler Jupiter will be hanging out in Aquarius, you may be forced to evolve.

It will be an especially karmic year for you. So boldly face any head-on challenges or lessons that the universe sends your way.

Capricorn 2021

Find out what life will bring to you in 2021

You’ll begin 2021 spending a lot of time in your own head.

The sun, Pluto, and Mercury are working together in the sign of Capricorn to help you sort out your thoughts.

Themes around identity are bound to come up. And you’ll likely take deep consideration on how you want to move forward in life, dear Sea Goat.

These placements may cause you to be a little hard on yourself. However, their energy begins softening on January 8 when Venus enters Capricorn, helping you reconnect with a love of self.

The January 12 new moon will be especially transformative as it joins the sun to form a conjunction with Pluto.

An extremely powerful aspect that can make those who are on a path to self-improvement—and break those who are not.

Use this day’s energy to set intentions around goals and ways to walk your highest path.

For you, things will begin to pick up during Pisces season (February 18 to March 21). And your mind will be shooting off new ideas and thoughts at lightning speed.

Much of spring will find you focused on your home life and fun, and your creative juices will be flowing.

Work will begin to pick up right before summer starts. And though professional ambitions are pretty much second nature to you, remember to take at time out for love, fun, and self-care. Avoid overworking yourself in 2021.

Success is bound to come your way, but your heart and mind need to be replenished just like everyone else’s.

Aquarius 2021

If your zodiac sign is aquarius hold tight. See what your horoscope will bring to you in 2021.

January 1 marks yet another revolution around the sun, you may find that you’re experiencing a period of personal growth.

It’s likely you’ll be a bit burnt out from the holiday season. Also you will be looking for strategies to reinvest in yourself and evolve.

As Jupiter, Saturn, and then Mercury make their journey through Aquarius, you’ll be actively seeking ways to implement change on both a micro and macro scale.

This means a delicate balance between shadow work and ego. Also you’ll have to do the necessary work toward becoming better.

January 14 will be an especially transformative day for you, but that comes with its own pain, and you may be confronted with a hit to your ego.

Any bumps in the road should be taken in stride on this day. Due to any challenges you face can only contribute to your personal evolution.

The sun enters Aquarius on January 20, giving your ego and your confidence a healthy dose of energy.

As an aquarius you will have the highest confidence amongst 2021 horoscopes.

After adjusting to the changes you’ve been making lately, you’ll finally feel more like yourself again.

People will naturally gravitate toward you during this time. And with your birthday coming up, you have no reason to feel guilty about being the center of the universe.

Aquarius 2021

Your potential for growth is astronomical this year. So, each time the universe throws you a lesson, take it in stride.

Remember that every heartbreak comes with a story that shapes you. Every mistake paves the road toward perseverance, and those lessons will never stop coming.

Karma will be extremely present in 2021 as Saturn takes up residence under the sign of Aquarius. Forcing you to grow.

This Saturn placement will also lend you an incredible amount of power. Thus don’t hold back when it comes to attaining the things you want.

You have a lot of strong planetary placements this year, and they can help you manifest your wildest dreams.

Don’t forget to ask the universe for help when you need it, and don’t be afraid of your own success!

Pisces 2021 (Dreamiest Zodiac in 2021 Horoscopes)

What your zodiac sign will bring to your life. Hold tight and ttake notes.

You’re the dreamiest sign in the zodiac, lovely Pisces, with an abundance of compassion and kindness.

Your ability to intuit other people’s feelings is a gift. However, remember that it can be a curse as well. Especially when somebody takes advantage of your sweet nature.

Just like every other year, you’ll be confronted with new lessons on how to navigate the real world without sacrificing your delicate disposition.

Luckily, you’ll also receive plenty of opportunities to connect with truly good people who can help restore your faith in humanity, should you find it wavering.

The beginning of the year will be quite busy for you, especially around networking within your own community.

Use the energy during this first part of January to analyze your circle so that you can figure out.

While you do have an expansive community of people you refer to as “friends,” you’d do well to check in with what that word actually means.

Also how it pertains to the people you label as such.

The energy on January 14 will be especially transformative for this purpose as the sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn.

As the sign of the Fish, you know how to move with the tides, lovely Pisces.

However, you can sometimes be pulled away with the current if you don’t put in the effort to fight against it.

As the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, it is imperative that you find ways to speak up.

This year will bring a lot of reflective energy your way. That forcing you to look at your boundaries and whether or not others are taking advantage of you.

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